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El Tarasco Fresh Grill


The Espinoza family has been in the restaurant business more than 20 years, with roots in the Jalisco and Michoacán regions and in farming.

El Tarasco Fresh Grill provides a “fast casual” menu of Mexican foods: tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chile verde, fajitas and the American favorite – hamburgers. It is all food that can be prepared quickly.

El Tarasco cooks up the most popular in Mexican foods, yet each ingredient must be fresh.

“When I serve something, I want to be proud of it,” Saul adds.

The salsas and flavored waters are homemade, as are the corn tortillas which make for a crispy taco.

Saul’s mom’s recipes adapted to a large scale, yet always retaining the authentic flavor. There’s a salsa bar with sauces and condiments to make your food as spicy or hot as you’d like.

The fast-selling items anytime include the papa nachos, French fried nachos and rice bowl deluxe, with cocido beef soup being the favorite in winter.

The daily specials include chile relleno, chili mole, and carnitas and birria spicy stew. Menudo is served every day. Most meals are in the $6 - $12 range.

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